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Who are the Gs?

This online encyclopaedic entry is adapted from the entry 'G' from the ninth edition of the Encyclopaedia of SPQR2Gang (2019).

G is such a common turn of phrase in SPQR2 parlance, that it seems impossible for a minute to pass in the company of other Gs without hearing the word being uttered.

We are, of course, an international brotherhood of that very letter, but what is a G? What is the real meaning of the word? Find out in this article.

Etymological History

The term G, contrary to popular belief, is not an acronymization of the word Gang (as found in the name of our organization SPQR2Gang). The term with its modern meaning was first recorded in the year 1532, however it has a rich history tracing back to the early days of acronymical science.

The etymological tree of G: Click to open SVG

One of the earliest and more noteworthy acronymical ancestors of the G is that of the GIT, denoting a more humble role than that of the G. And what of that role?

Chaanic Aspects of the G

Although the acronym G was neither used in the Book of Predictions nor the Ledger of the Gang, the Chaan and his disciples often wrote about the race of true followers, a term strongly associated with later writings on the G.

The G Code

The G Code was authored in 1863 by Dame Helena Buxton (later Handurz Agchaan). Espousing her view of the role of the G in the newly founded Third Gang, the work was highly influential and has since been considered divine.

The G Code proclaimed the Aspects of the G, those traits capturing the essence of the G.

Necessity under the Corpus

Handurz Agchaan discussed the necessity of the G within the corpus, or body of SPQR2Gang. Each individual G is an 'essential component' within the organization.

Terrestrialization of the Gang

The G is also to be considered an 'earthly Gang', that is an immortal ging warrior that currently manifests on Earth, but will return to metaphysical battle some day. Life as a G is a preparation for that battle and, using the short time given to us in life well, to train in a Gang-like manner, reflects that nature.

Duties of the G

The G, according to the Agilchaan, can also be thought of as a set of duties. Many of those particular duties were enumerated in The G Code, yet several others indubitably exist.

Link in the Unbroken Chain

The G is an unbroken chain: connecting those of the Ancients to those of the Chaan, those of the Chaan to those of the Ilchaan, and those in the metaphysical planes to those in the physical planes (there are multiple), without fault.

Domesticated yet Primal

In the classical style of ildekhtagz (sacred contradiction) of the Chaan, the G is also 'the truly domesticated, yet truly primal Man'.

Submission, Yet Might

Finally, one of the most important Aspects in the G Code is that the G represents 'the absolute submission to the Chaan alongside the absolute might of the Chaan'. The Agilchaan continues:

The G, in his submission to the Grand Eternal Chaan, ever magnifies him and allows him to wield the might of the G might in our spiritual battle for good.