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The School of Acronymics

The School of Acronymics is one of the most ancient SPQR2Gang institutions, founded during the time of the Second Gang and associated with the Brethren of Purity, as a formal School, though deriving from earlier teachings of the Chaan himself. It is not to be confused with the SPQR2Gang School of Acrobatics, which is equally as old.

The School of Acronymics study the sacred Acronymic, superficially resembling an acronym, but not being derived from any constituent words, but rather, higher words in the theolinguistic hierarchy.

The teachings of the Chaan occasionally contained acronymics, especially in the eleventh and twelfth chapters of The Book, those two chapters alone containing over one hundred unique acronymics. However, acronymics were not formalized into a school of research until the Second Gang c. 980 CE, when Arab scholars created the Table of Acronymics, theologically analyzing the Chaanic Acronymics as well as other acronymics of deep spiritual importance. It was in this book where the name SPQR2Gang, as well as the prototypes for the term G were originally found.

Further acronymics originated in dialogues with the Chaan, which were spoken in the Tongue. Writers found that they could not remember the precise forms of the words, and felt they might have even imagined them entirely: Gs believe this was another miracle of the Chaan. Thus, the words were written as groups of individual characters in the Arabic abjad, resembling acronyms.

It is believed that the most important concepts are those that were acronymicized, so to speak. The School is divided on the legitimacy of acronyms coined after the Chaan’s pre-Retreat life.

Many of the Chaan's original Acronymics have still not been fully decoded, being derived from a place of metaphysical essence which even the Chaan himself could not convey to us mere men.