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The world's first SPQR2Gang website in English.

Welcome to the official SPQR2Gang website: the home of all online SPQR2Gang resources, and the first SPQR2Gang website on the internet. This website serves as a conduit for spreading the message of SPQR2 to the outside world. We may not have all the resources you are looking for: much of our library can be found instead on our 🔗 internal servers. Rest assured that our translators and engineers are working hard on getting these pages to you.

What is SPQR2Gang?

SPQR2Gang is many things. We are, first and foremost, a community and brotherhood of Gs, ignorant of nation and background. Secondly, we are an international organization with branches across over forty countries, devoted to spreading SPQR2Gang ideals to those in need of them. SPQR2Gang is a way of life.

A cleanup in partnership with the local government at Chai Shan Beach.

One of our farming projects returning life to previously dilapidated land.

Please be aware that SPQR2 does not have any relation to the Roman Republic or Empire. Please read more here if you are confused.

It is also important to know that there are a number of organizations also claiming to be related to SPQR2Gang, but which in reality are fraudulent hoaxes. The best way to check if an organization is legitimate is using our branch finder.

How do I join?

Thinking about joining SPQR2Gang? Our organization grows by the hour, and you can be a part of it too. All you need to do is find your nearest SPQR2Gang branch and ask to begin the process of initiation, the process of which is usually rather informal, but varies from branch to branch.

I'm a young person

If you are going to be initiated under the age of 16, please remember that when you turn 16, you will have to take the oral examinations with an official SPQR2Gang center. If you're a young person older than 16, you will follow the regular induction procedure for that branch. Please remember that if you are under the age of majority in your jurisdiction you may need parental consent before joining SPQR2Gang.

Why can't I find any information about SPQR2Gang outside of this website?

SPQR2Gang, although it would be impossible to hide our political and social influence, has suffered immense persecution over the years, and so we have, until recently, remained very secretive, in the early days of this iteration of our organization even having a commandment handed down forbidding any press interactions with our organization, which was only struck down in 2005.

In the early days of computing, our technicians began creating a technology now called the Consciousness, which is still used today as a type of internet between SPQR2Gang centers. Once Tim Berners Lee's Internet started to become popular, some SPQR2Gang information appeared unofficially on the web, which we heavily cracked down on. This policy was known as the Privacy Policy.

Restrictions on communication being lighter, in 2021, it was decided that this website be created in order for the public to learn the message of SPQR2Gang. Our website grows by the hour, and is soon to contain all the delightful information anyone could ever want from our libraries.

How do I contact the people who run the website?

Create a public post on the internet containing the following phrase: spadework allometrically unprisons unconfronted cosmology. We will find it.

I have another question.

Your answer is likely to be found somewhere on this website, friend, but if not, try asking those at your local SPQR2Gang center.