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A Warning To The People Of Oxford

There have been a growing Number of Reports of a Young Man wandering the Streets of Oxford, at times identifying himself as James, Edward, Daniel, Ben and at least three other Presumably False Names, who has been pretending to be a Student of the University of Oxford, generally claiming to be a Student of The Christ Church College. This Street-Person will linger in Areas orating his Alleged Back-Story, generally to Tourists and New-Students of the University, a Story which is said to become progressively more Deluded and Unbelievable Over Time. A Logician at the University stated that the Individuals reasoning abilities were Extremely Dubious. Several witnesses have Questioned whether the Individual was intoxicated or had been consuming Drugs. It is not known whether a Counterpart-Individual exists in the City of Cambridge.
13th of October, 1633

A report from a witness of this Unidentified-Strange-Man.
O Lord Help Me For This Man Has Consumed Three Houres Of My Time. Lord Please Spare Me From This Strange-Man, This False Student Of Oxford. He Now Haunts My Dreams O Lord Forgive Me Have Mercy On Us For This Blight-Curse Upon Oxford-Shire.
14th of October, 1633