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On Virtue: Who Most Needs The Chaan?

When mortal life ends, there are a few different paths that people can take. Most are stuck in the sangsar, the cycle of rebirth. Some, within it, by their evildoings in their mortal life, pass into a lower form in the next. Some pass into a higher form. Some are able to surpass suffering and sangsar altogether.

Yet, who can do it? There are a few methods, but the Chaan has taught us the most effective and most honourable way: the eternal transmutation into a spiritual warrior, replacing the physical and mental suffering of life with an eternal spiritual struggle for and devotion to Good.

The Chaan's grand teachings still do raise the question: what are we fighting for? The Chaan proved that Good cannot be maintained by itself, but that it must have an army defending it from Evil. And this brings us to the question that started this discussion: who most needs the Chaan, or rather, who is best fitted for this army?

The Chaan taught us that in the spiritual realm, warriors of the Gang are formed according to their spiritual virtue, not their physical might in this life: "The lame shall be mighty, and the mighty shall be lame. The lowly shall be generals, and the mighty shall be expendable". Yet, any person, in their freedom, can become virtuous, as the Chaan has blessed us with a method for discovering virtue. The question of who most needs the Chaan then turns out to be quite simple: we all do.