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On the Inventors of the Shapes

Be There, Or Be Square.
- Aristophanes (inventor of the Hexa-Gone)

It has once been said that Pythagoras invented the triangle, Socrates the square, Plato the cube, and Euclid the circle. But above All, the greatest shape was invented by Lord Horatio Nelson: the shipshape.

However many private riches those inventors gained from their inventions, and the extraction of Royalties therefrom, it cannot be denied that the invention of such Shapes as squares, rhombuses and rect-angular prismoids has been a great Endowment upon the publick good.

Some shapes are even said to hold together Society itself, being so great in importance, as the frustrum. Other shapes have been less Popular throughout the Ages.

Many say that a murderous riot was incited when locals of Warsaw put the blame on the Jewes for inventing the parallelogram, a highly offensive shape amongst the Peasantry of Central Europe.

Can Pythagoras by indicted for his inventions, which led to this Massacre? We say, Yes, and we are never talking to him Again.