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The Great Rebordering

In 1962, the High and Low Council of SPQR2Gang exhibited their plans to restructure the hierarchy of the organization. Prior to this, the highest level of organization at the time (with some exceptions), the principalities, were structured mainly according to largely outdated historical borders, one of the most egregious examples being the Constitute of Hindernkoten, which was ten kilometers wide stretching from Kiel to Frankfurt to Stuttgart to Innsbruck to Treviso, existing for obscure diplomatic reasons dating back to the Holy Roman Empire.

The 1962 proposal, which involved not only restructuring of the principalities, but also the creation of a uniform top level distinction of governorates relatively in line with national borders, was controversial at first. One Councillor, Carolina Paz, who was unhappy with the merging of the Subaragonese Principality with the Principality of Á, stated "This is a load of old bollocks". Later revisions to the proposal helped ensure that power was fairly balanced, and it was finalized on the 15th of April 1965.

Since this restructuring, every principality had to report to the Governor of a region called a governorate, and it is still the same to this day.

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