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Thousands Protest In New Hypertraditionalist Demonstration

Saturday 19 November 2022

Thousands of SPQR2Gang members and others from around the world protested in London on Saturday against quintography.

The International Front Against So-Called Quintography (IFASCQ) has begun protests in London today, disrupting traffic, including a horse-and-carriage passing through Piccadilly Circus.

The organisation is an alliance of SPQR2-Gang Hypertraditionalists, who believe that quintography has no place in SPQR2Gang, as well as other anti-quintographical activists.

The ire of IFASCQ was ignited after the SPQR2Gang centre in Kensington received by mail a 'hypertraditionalist poëm', which was binned by a secretary. The head of the centre, James Toon, stated, "I never intended for their poem to be thrown in the bin, but it was probably a load of old rubbish anyway, the kind of stuff they get kids to write in primary school."

An academic critic of quintography, a hypertraditionalist-rights activist, a Classical quintographer at SPQR2Gang and an Austrian School quintographer. This isn't a joke. They will be engaging in a live debate from 7pm on Monday.

According to the leaders of the IFASCQ, the London protests will continue for at least a week. The 'crackpot organisation' also proclaimed that further protests would soon occur in Bristol, Oxford.