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Over And Lesser

Which over the over and the lesser beings in our creation have not been permitted to over stand the wheels of time, yet they will be permitted one day. The over beings do not let us see them, but we will see them eventually. Ultimately, the only reason for being is that of being itself, to be is an eternal cycle, as Plato said, we are eternal beings, and learning is simply an act of remembering. To remember the functions of a manner is not the same as remembering the manner in itself, these two things are to be highly distinguished. The over beings, supposedly called, cannot distinguish such things, as these matters only matter to man. The over beings are inferior in several respects to man, such as in this manner; both the over beings and man are eternal, although an over being of particular character may be able to end the existence of a man once and for all, yet generally they do not interfere with such things. The lesser beings are also superior to man in certain ways, some being eternal, some having mortal souls, yet in their connection to either the physical or the spiritual world, they often find themselves with advantages over mankind. A total inverter of reality might argue that the lesser beings are on top, then man, then the over beings, however this is simply false, as taking a holistic view, the over beings are clearly more powerful, more wise and more honorable than man. An over being visited me yesterday, we had dinner at my house and to be honest he was a pretty nice guy. I can't help but say I miss him somewhat, even though I know he still exists out there in the eternal plane of the cosmos; I simply am concerned that he does not miss me. Perhaps I spoke in the wrong way, or perhaps humans are just not worth his time. Anyhow, I will not let an over being stop me from achieving my goals, and if I am interrupting their lives, I would not want to continue doing so. Just as humans eat under beings, the over beings might want to eat us too. The only issue is that humans are quite repulsive in flavour to them, so they stick to the lesser/under beings as do we. Ket addicts next door be loud. Could an over being become addicted? Is it part of the animal mind only which allows addiction to occur, or rather is it part of a transitive spiritual principle, that we find something that gives us pleasure, and obsessively come back to it? The over beings stay with us, even though they can leave. Perhaps they are addicted to man.