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Governor-General Kristoffer Onug, "The People's Governor", dies at age 91

Governor-General Onug spent over 70 years in his position as Governor-General of Sweden and was at the forefront of the SPQR2-Monaco trade war.

A man of many talents and many epithets, the "Sword of Stockholm" Governor-General Onug sadly passed away in his sleep on the 25th May 2022.

The Governor-General began his leadership during the turbulence of the Second World War in 1943, only eight years after the first SPQR2Gang society was established in Sweden. Governor-General Onug was a champion of Swedish neutrality during the war and had a natural talent for political manipulation, immediately gaining an SPQR2 foothold in the Swedish government and turning the sentiment towards maintaining neutrality despite its military buildup.

Not only celebrated for his influence outside SPQR2Gang, Onug greatly increased membership to our organization, and was well known for the ingenious and highly effective strategy of continuously tripling membership fees, henceforth tripling the annual inflow of members to SPQR2Gang. It is often said that Sweden has been the "breadbasket" of SPQR2Gang, all thanks to the life's work of the late Governor-General.

Governor-General Onug will not be forgotten for his pioneering use of mass psychological operations and in prosecuting countless fraudulent SPQR2Gang organizations. He will not be forgotten for his zeal and honour in fighting against the Monégasques to restore SPQR2Gang's international trading rights. And above all, he will not be forgotten for his jollity and vigour, which he maintained even in his most latter years.

A parade will be held in Onug's honour in Stockholm.