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Clearing up a Less Common Misconception

Early on in our organization's history it has been noted that our organization's name is very similar to that of the Roman Republic. This turns out to merely be a coincidence. SPQR2 is not an organization aiming to resurrect the Ancient Roman civilization or form a second Roman Republic. In fact, the "2" does not refer to any numerical value or the second of anything, but rather is an inseperable part of its name, as signified by our classic double eagle symbol. We neither claim any succession from the Roman Republic nor accept any titles thereof.

It also must be noted that SPQR2Gang is not an anti-Roman society. Since 2013, the official stance of SPQR2 Historiography Academy has been that we are neutral towards the Roman Republic and Empire. Prior to this, we had no official position. However, we vehemently oppose the Roman Kingdom as it was established in practice during the seventh century BC.

The "SPQR" of Rome and in SPQR2Gang have very different meanings.