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The Grand Demeanour Of The Fifth Level Differentiation

The fifth level differentiation, one below the fourth, is one whose character is not to be confused with the fifth distinguishment. A high and lofty figure, utilising and abusing language poetically, sometimes catachrestically. As the catechumen, the fifth level differentiation is one that stands out significantly. This character is highly different from its cousins, the fourth, and the sixth, which leaves much to the imagination of its origins. The baker bakes Bread, but the state bakes Man. The meaning of this can be construed in a number of different ways, even opposing, juxtaposing, manners. The baker has perfected his craft, and raises the Bread with Yeast, and when the state lacks its Yeast, we are left with unleavened Man. The raising of terms to five powers less is an example of the fifth level differentiation, the only constant being its unscrupulous ways.