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A Newe Systeme Of Law

Composed by Henry Cone in 2023, an author in the style of Second Generation Pseudo-Neo-Anglo-Saxonist prose.

A Newe Systeme of Lawe for the Nation of engleland, for the New Year, 323 Before Christe.
by Halvor the black

Over my Many-Years, I, halvor the black, alternativelly Referred to as Halvor The Undeceaved And Undeceased, have composed a Systeme of Lawe for to begin Ridding-Of-The-World of the many social and criminalle Evilles that Exist-Within-It. Ye Systeme consists of Onely-Five laws, perfect and whole for the establishmentarianism of a New, Uncorrupt'd englishe gouvernemente. All other Good Lawes, as Aristotille woude say, shall Logically follow from This-Point.

Law I: NO MAN may bury a Hatchet below another Man's Feilde (metaphorically).

Law II: the penalty for speaking Profanely before Little Childer aged below Three Years Oulde is Death.

Law Three: NO WOMAN may eat Any-Fruit, Be it an Appel, An Orange, An Banana, or A coco-nut, in the Open, for All to see, the penalty being Deathe.

Law IV: NO MAN may Accuse Another Man of that which He hath already Done Himselfe (Whomever Hath Smelt It, Hath Dealt It).

Law Five: All Those Whom Fail To Go To Bed On Time Are To Be Put In The Stocks.