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Blacklisted Organizations

Organizations blacklisted by SPQR2Gang, as of the 1st of January, 2012 are the following:

NameCountryDate blacklisted
Middletonian Quintographic SocietyCzechia*, United Kingdom24 January 1920
SPQR3GangSlovakia*3 May 1924
PQRSGangEgypt3 May 1924
Chilean-Argentinian Foundation of AdministrationChile, Argentina3 May 1924
The Principality of MonacoMonaco23 May 1972
Prague SPQR2 Breakaways**Czechia20 December 1997
Obyčajní l'udía a nezávislé osobnostiSlovakia29 October 2011

* Originally Czechoslovakia
** Note that this organization refers to themselves as SPQR2Gang. We of course do not accept the legitimacy of this title.