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Azbol Gan Semp

The motto of SPQR2Gang is a curious one. Traditionally appearing on the Shield of SPQR2Gang, the phrase Azbol Gan Semp has an ancient history, despite only having been chosen as the motto less than 200 years ago.

Each of the words of the motto are in The Tongue of the Gang, the divine language handed down to us by the Grand Eternal Chaan himself. Breaking it down into its core words, it is important to note that each of the words are in fact abbreviations, azbol, being short for az-bo-lar, gan for gang, and semp for semper. It is important also to be aware of the subtlety and range of meaning of each word, as each word, being heavenly, has a rich theological meaning.

The first of the words is a compound, composed of a first person plural inchoative optative az, the word bo, normally translated as "high", and lar, meaning "low". So, this word might be best translated as "may we come to be high and low". The significance of this strange phrase is an instance of ildekhtagz, "oxymoron" or "sacred contradiction", an ancient SPQR2Gang tradition with enormous spiritual importance. The Chaan's Book Of Predictions was the foundational work on ildekhtagz, in his brilliance discovering a method of making sense out of paradox.

In this context gang refers not to the Gang or the Gs in their current physical form, but their remanifestation as spiritual 🔗 ging warriors, the eternal osseous deities on which the Chaan modelled the Gang. The term semper is an adverb meaning "always" or "forever". Note that this word has no relation to the Latin term with a similar meaning, as they do not share an etymology, and there is an important subtle difference between their meanings. And so, the overall meaning of az-bo-lar gang semper becomes "may we forever come to be high and low ging warriors".